We have extensive experience in both VR & AR, we also develop Metaverse platform technology and we are the proud recipients of an Epic Games MegaGrant.


We have extensive experience in both VR & AR technologies and have been awarded an Epic Games MegaGrant. We are trusted advisors to anyone looking to enter the Metaverse. Our flagship technology Icona, will allow users to seamlessly carry digital assets across worlds and metaverses without being penalised. Our secure data governance fabric DeltaPrism, allows us to provide a secure fabric to enable digital e-commerce of assets and worlds, whilst tracking usage and rights management.

Universal Avatar System

The Icona Avatar System is a Universal Avatar System that allows users to use cosmetics obtained from existing virtual worlds and take it into another world while adhering to the worlds’ logic. Icona provides a standardised system for subdividing avatars, which allows them to fit within a finite set of subdivision systems that are compatible with most virtual world experiences. Our Rule Based Tagging system is effectively the glue that binds together our value based ecosystem.


The Icona Avatar System prioritises security, ensuring that user information and cosmetics are protected at all times. One key security feature is the use of ECC (Elliptic Curve Cryptography) to generate individual keys for each user to encrypt securely, store user data and ensure that only authorised parties can access it after receiving consent (and corresponding encryption key). DeltaPrism acts as a secure data governance fabric that delivers Rights Management, Usage Tracking and Hardened Encryption.


VR & AR Services

Whether it is creating fantasy experiences or guided meditation applications in Unreal Engine, we can handle the requirement. We have recently completed a VR sales pitch and educational training project that will be used globally to shorten the sales cycle for a disruptive technology solution. Not only will the project be used to drive the sales pipeline, it will also be used internally to drive educational training to internal teams. We are using AR in the same way, helping businesses to drive immersion or check quality control on construction projects. With AR the barrier of having a headset is removed, almost everyone uses a smartphone in today's world.

Virtual Experiences


Once In a Blue Moon

Take control over an avatar to experience the beauties of the world we have created, Once in a Blue Moon. This is a story-based Virtual Reality experience that is set in a stunning world like no other.

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A Mountain of One

A Mountain of One and NYX VX have launched a universe of digital immersive space, in the form of a cyber entertainment interactive VR experience. This is the first phase of the project.

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A Breath of Serenity

A Breath of Serenity is a collaboration between artists and those who are passionate about meditation. A truly immersive and stylised experience with focussed tasks and guided meditation.

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Giant Health VEP

Giant Health is dubbed the largest European Technology Event company in Europe. The Virtual Exhibition Platform (VEP) was created for GIANT Health during the pandemic and lockdown.

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