A Mountain of One

A Mountain of One and NYX VX have launched a universe of digital immersive space, in the form of a cyber entertainment interactive VR experience. You can walk through the Forest Hill and see a wonderful sky with multiple moons and planets. Line up the A Mountain of One Logo and listen to ‘Custards Last Stand’, the debut track from the musical album - Stars Planets Dust me.

  • Originally built on Unity
  • Redesigned and improved on Unreal Engine
  • Line up the AMO1 logo to play soundtrack
  • Beautifully immersive
  • Outworldly experience
  • A collaboration with musicians - AMO1

Follow the hill down and meet another enchanted forest with fireflies, light rings and mysterious statutes until you meet a silver dome. This is just phase 1 of the AMO1 & NYX VX collaboration.