NYX VX was founded during the first global lockdown of the CoronaVirus pandemic in March 2020. Our goal was simple, we wanted to remove barriers and create new ways to experience the things we love.

Our Story

The team at NYX VX decided to launch a virtual music events platform during the first global CoronaVirus lockdown. We could see the music professionals and fans being adversely affected and started building 3D experiences using Unity’s gaming engine. Sadly it wasn’t just musicians being affected so we found ourselves building VR Art galleries in Milan and providing virtual events to event management companies that needed to deliver services to their customers. Having been awarded an Epic Games MegaGrant in March 2022, we migrated to Epic Games’ Unreal Engine. This was a nostalgic experience for the founders of the business, who played the original Unreal game back in 1998.

Our Transition

We now have a team of founders and members that has reached 20 and our business is unrecognisable from the launch in 2020. Our first ever VR experience built in Unreal Engine (Once In a Blue Moon) paved the way for rebuilding music experiences from Unity to Unreal Engine (A Mountain of One). We have extensive experience in both VR & AR and we now work with some of the largest businesses in the world. Both Icona and DeltaPrism are flagship Metaverse technologies that showcase a different side to our business. We aren’t simply building VR & AR projects in Unreal Engine, we are paving the way for accelerated Metaverse adoption with worlds and digital assets that can be controlled by the owners of the IP (Intellectual Property).


Our Goals

Building a business and environment to have a culture that attracts talent and looks after staff is at the forefront of NYX VX’s identity. Our Chiron mentorship program underpins everything that we do at NYX VX and is at the very core of our engine room. We want to continue to disrupt, innovate and push the envelope, becoming a major player in how the Metaverse ecosystem operates. At NYX VX we put a hard demarcation line between Metaverse & VR, although they are closely linked and we deliver both services, they are not mutually dependent on one another. Our goal moving forward is to democratise the Metaverse, VR & AR technologies and be at the forefront of innovation.