Chiron Mentoring

We are a growing team with many years of experience in fields including, but not limited to: Software Delivery, Oil&Gas Industry, Financial Services, Game Development, Research, Pharmaceutical and Construction.

About Chiron program

Chiron is a long term mentoring partnership programme. Its goal is to provide our development teams with the top skilled personnel, otherwise not available on the market, through development of personal and professional capabilities to a level that allows an individual, at the end of the programme, to work as a B2B technical or management consultant anywhere in the world. The programme is available through participant recommendation only and therefore the group is open only to participants and trainers.

Our Vision

Chiron Mentoring programme is there to train and advise its participants and direct them towards a chosen career path. Participants need to achieve their goals (salary, skills and knowledge) in a given period of time by improving their mentality. We suggest eye-opening books, impart detailed knowledge and help in decision-making, as well as provide work experience in cutting edge projects for some of the largest and most advanced corporate clients in the world. We benefit from the work of the developing minds and when they are ready, we support them in going their own way.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to boost our team’s development capabilities by helping participants of the programme to reach their professional potential (and desired salary) by helping them learn the techniques that they will need to achieve their goal. Learning takes time, and effort- therefore, the desired effect will be reached after a given period of time.


Our Approach

We schedule monthly coaching sessions with participants to inquire about what they want to do in life, helping them choose a career path that will be relevant for a longer period of time. We provide them with guidance related to learning, materials to absorb and courses to complete. Working together with participants we develop a personalised ‘career build’, which comprises of skills, work experiences and personal abilities, which supports the desired work placement. And of course we provide plenty of work experience opportunities, with skill requirements and pay suitable for a given development stage