Castrol ON and GRC (Green Revolution Cooling) have formed a strategic partnership to help bring immersion cooling to the market. Traditional air-cooled data centres are inefficient and can’t cater to the next generation workloads such as AI, Machine Learning & HPC (High Performance Compute).
This video is a camera fly-by of a VR experience we have built to help drive education on the benefits of immersion cooling:
• Built natively on Unreal Engine • Includes content from both Castrol ON and GRC
• Camera fly-by mode and full VR navigation mode
• Compares a traditional air-cooled data hall against an immersion-cooled data hall
• Drives awareness and education for the benefits of immersion cooling
With companies trying to reduce mPUE (Mechanical Power Usage Efficiency) in Data Centre’s (which typically ranges from 1.1 to 1.5), immersion cooling with GRC and Castrol can help businesses achieve 1.03 which is a huge improvement. This helps businesses with their ESG and Carbon Neutrality targets.